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All players from Moddies to Seniors are required to play Winter Comp games & carnivals in the North Lakes Blues Netball Club uniform which includes a dress and black bike pants or North Lakes Blues Shirt and black shorts.

 For Training, players are welcome to wear anything comfortable for activity, T shirt, singlet, shorts, bike pants, providing it is not deemed offensive or inappropriate by coach.

Excited North Lakes Blues Team
Game Dress
Game Dress


Blues Bike Shorts
Bike Pants


Playing Shirt
Playing Shirt

2024 Pricing TBC

Player Visor


Blues Zip Up Hoodie
Zipper Hoodie

2024 Pricing TBC

Blues Pull Over Hoodie
Pullover Hoodie

2024 Pricing TBC

Blues Sponsors Shirt
Supporter's Polo


To contact our Uniforms Officer, please email